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Our people, experience, and service structure make the difference

 We provide the Global Life Sciences Industry with professional services that support efficient and compliant operation


20th Anniversary, Since 1993

Welcome to Pharma-Bio Serv

Since our inception over twenty years ago, we have focused on developing a technical, administrative, and human resources infrastructure with a single purpose: to provide integrated quality, productivity and compliance services to highly-regulated manufacturers throughout the globe.

To meet the needs of the times, we have integrated our services to make certain that all the compliance, risk-management, knowledge-management, and workforce needs of our global partners are addressed in ways that provide the desired operational and compliance result.

We encourage you to read the following pages and get to know the services provided by Pharma-Bio Serv and our various divisions.

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Our diverse team serves through an integrated service structure
designed to provide the complete solutions your company needs


Over the last two decades, we have grown to be one of the largest regulatory compliance and validation companies, with hundreds of qualified , experienced professionals that are ready to serve you.
At the same time, we structured our company in four divisions, integrated to support the operations of our global Life Sciences
Our unique combination of experience and service structure is what makes Pharma-Bio Serv the best provider for all your efficiency and compliance needs.


We are the preferred choice of many customers around the Globe

 We have 23 years of growth, experience, and industry recognitionTimeline 

We are a Global Corporation with locally-focused service

We operate at the main hubs of the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industries
Global Officies

To better manage our global clients, we
have established branch offices in the
Eastern and Western Regions of the
U.S. and Europe.
In Puerto Rico we serve our local
clients, as well as the Caribbean
and Latin America.
Each office is locally managed to
provide you with personal service
at the same time you receive our
global support.
We are global and we are local, in
order to address all of your efficiency
and compliance needs.